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Our Approach to Therapy

We provide Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy to individuals that are between 1 – 21 years of age. ABA targets skills and behaviors of individuals by providing a therapeutical approach to enhance, strengthen, and improve the life of those individuals.

Improve quality of life for children and families. We target skills and behaviors below.

• Attending skills
• Imitative skills
• Fine motor and gross motor skills
• Language skills
• Conversation skills
• Functional play
• Functional skills/self-help skills
• Social skills
• Theory of Mind/Social Cognition
• Toileting skills
• Problem behaviors

Services Include

• In Home ABA Direct Intervention Services

Applied Behavior Analysis – is one of a number of therapies available for children with autism. Programs are typically drawn up according to the child’s needs and involve intense one-on-one therapy, designed to teach language, communication and interpersonal skills to help children integrate into school.

• Direct Program Supervision
• Parent and sibling support groups
• Parent Training and Participation in ABA strategies
• School Based Behavior Support
• Adaptive Skills
• Behavior Management Services
• Supported Employment Training
• Social Skills


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